Mrs. Yvonne Taylor

Life in England at the end of World War 2 was extremely difficult. Hitler's incessant bombing had left shattered, burned out cities throughout the entire country. Food was in short supply and fierce winters kept Yvonne sick with pheumonia, finally forcing her family into a very painful decision to immigrate to America. At age 12 her family packed up what little they could fit in one trunk and two suitcases, waved a tearful goodbye, boarded the Queen Elizabeth 2, made for the bowels of the ship and set sail for America ... land of the brave, home of the free, a place where hope and opportunity were a beacon, an incredible country where religious freedom rang loud and clear and honor and integrity were not only valued but taught.
Yvonne marveled at her new home, reveling in it's beauty and hospitality, never quite sure why she and her family were among the privileged few allowed this honor.
In her latter teen years, having been raised in an exceedingly traditional and restrictive denomination, she took this newfound religious freedom to the extreme, becoming an atheist, roaming around in this foolish intellectual ignorance for several years until meeting and marrying her husband, a Baptist preacher's son. It was then she was truly introduced to the real Jesus and a relationship of love and trust was ignited.
The years rolled on and as their two children grew so did her increasing alarm as she watched the pulling away of America from God, family values and Christianity itself.
She watched the precious "light of God" that had shone so brightly from this nation start to dim, asking what she could do to help protect it. This "light" that had touched and brought salvation to her and millions round the world, if allowed to go out, would change her beloved America from a country where missionaries went out from, to one where they were now sent to.
Having been active in various ministries for years, she knew God was now turning her in a completely new direction. At age 55, the Lord started giving Yvonne children's stories that culminated in "The Hartlie Series". She calls these stories "whimsical parables" as they entertain while teaching and re-enforcing the precious truths of scripture. Stories that help parents parent and Sunday School teachers teach. Stories that build a child's character, showing Jesus truly is "The Way, The Truth, and The Light!" ...The same light she felt so strongly led to nurture and protect in our nations children ... our future.
12 years and 29 stories later, (with more on the way) she has a burning commitment to help not only children and families but also ministries, by placing these stories into ministry hands as a way of helping raise much needed funds. Also, through the generosity of private individuals and corporate sponsorship, thousands of these wonderful stories have been given out to Food banks, orphanages, abuse shelters and many other ministries that reach hurting families.
Yvonne is incredibly grateful for this commission. She is grateful to have been brought here, blessed here, and to serve her creator God through Christ here.
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