Rev. Selby Franklin

Rev. Selby Franklin, a Webster, Florida native, began his long, fruitful ministry in 1959, pioneering works within the state, eventually reaching out through mission work to New Mexico, the Phillippines, and Guatemala. With his faithful wife June's support and assistance, he dedicated himself to pastoring, evangelizing and teaching throughout these regions.
On returning to this area, he continued his theological studies at Leesburg Bible College, going on to become Professor of prophecy, evangelism and church growth.

Rev. Franklin's call to the Gospel ministry is that of shepherd. With his calling comes a passion to disciple Christians, bringing them into a deep spiritual maturity by equipping them with the knowledge and understanding of the written, sacred Word of God that enables them to stand in times of adversity.
For close to 50 years, Rev. Selby Franklin and wife June have faithfully and honorably served Sumter and the surrounding counties, touching and changing lives with their giftings, talents and love.
Along with other duties, Rev. Franklin, now dedicates a major portion of his time to teaching end time prophecy. Warmth, wisdom and insight create in this powerful man of God, the perfect environment for those searching for deeper truths.

We are truly blessed to have the Franklin's call Sumter County home.
            Should you wish to have Rev. Franklin teach "End Time Prophecy"              
                      to your church or group, please contact him at (352)568-3159 or (304) 462-4177                 
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