Dr. John/Acquanetta Elerbe, Ph.D.

Drs John and Acquanetta Elerbe have a hunger to see the move of God in the lives of people that have suffered with abuse, addiction, and bondage. They know that freedom, peace, and joy is available to those that seek God. They have been successful in helping others for many years both in the Northern part of the United States and now during the past several years in Central Florida..
Breath of Life of Central Florida was founded by Drs. A. G. Elerbe and John Elerbe in September 1996. In the beginning we started out as an agency to counsel at- risk youth who had witnessed domestic violence, children of substance abusers and a support group for hurting women, HOPES, Healing Ourselves Physically Emotionally and Spiritually. As we evolved it became apparent that there was a much greater need for the victims to have a stand alone program. Breath of Life become incorporated as a nation wide, non-profit organization in 2003 and received 501 ( c ) 3 and foundation status in 2004.

Breath of Life Counseling and Literacy Center is now in multiple locations and in multiple counties and has newly acquired safe houses in various locations. All counselors are nationally certified and insured. We also have bi-lingual staff available. Our literacy staff/ESOL has been trained by the Lake County Public Library

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