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John 8:12 . . . I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not
walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.

Rev & Mrs Burnham In 2001, while still actively pastoring, Reverend Lee Burnham and wife Patricia founded the Lighthouse Foundation Ministries International and an enormous vision was birthed. Breaking out from behind church walls, this foundation sought to feed the hungry, help the lost, bind up the wounded and give hope to the helpless. Starting with a small food basket ministry the Burnham's reached out to the hungry, the poverty-stricken and the un-churched. In the years that followed, they included, needy, forgotten pastors, then orphans and then the abused. Many times the Burnham's would stand amazed as God miraculously moved the work along and where a need was found a need was met.

In 2005, through the pain and loss of her husband, the vision that God had given them both never diminished. Now a licensed pastor herself, Reverend Patricia Burnham forged ahead with the work. Preaching, teaching and traveling for the ministry were added to her burgeoning schedule but the Lighthouse Foundation remained the anchor of her ministry.
An ever-increasing community need was now met by an ever-increasing army of volunteers and the vision moved into a new season when in 2006, the Lighthouse Food Bank opened. You will see on this site a portion of what is done through this ministry but the scope and vision continue to grow and develop as God gives insight and provision. There are plans to move our headquarters as we have outgrown our present facilities, there are plans for hot meals to be served to the needy, there are plans through other outreaches to restore hurting and impoverished souls to a living, vibrant life of love. The Lighthouse Foundation will continue to grow as it continues to serve. We are never limited when vision meets opportunity and God's abundance is ignited by the fire of our faith.

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